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WorldGoneMad's podcast

Sep 5, 2023

Come along for an end of summer rambling conversation about the end of summer, Paul and his LIons fandom, the weather, Chef Boyardi and more!

Jul 24, 2023

We try to get back on track with a montly show because it's summer!  New York City tales from TG, a live Podcast with Paul, and other adventures!

Jun 26, 2023

We have been a way for a little bit.  Sorry about that.  But here you are a new heaping steaming pile of Podcast!

Mar 15, 2023

Streaming live during the Oscars....we comment and chat aboout Hollywood and Daylight Savings Time...

Podcast #34 Veggie Platters, Bono's book, The Grammy's, Super Bowl Preview

Feb 12, 2023

All things tossing veggie trays about, music, and sportsball.....a longer one....we will be shorter next time!

!Grammys 2022: Who are the winners? | The US SunHow to Make the Best Veggie Tray (People Actually Want to Eat)